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Venue List
  • Brooke, Alvinston, Inwood Community Centre Alvinston

    3310 Walnut St., Alvinston, ON

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  • Dorchester Arena Dorchester

    2066 Dorchester Road , Dorchester, ON

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  • Gemini Sportsplex Gemini

    667 Adair Blvd. , Strathroy , ON

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  • Joe Thornton Community Centre Joe Thornton CC

    75 Caso Crossing, St. Thomas, ON

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  • Point Edward Arena Point Edward

    210 Monk St., Point Edward, ON

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  • The Shores Recreation Centre Forest (Amtelecom)

    7883 Amtelecom Parkway, Forest, ON

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  • Tri-Township Arena Tri-Township

    22647 Adelaide Rd. , Mt. Brydges , ON

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