NOHA :: Nickel District Minor Unreported Games
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Unreported NDMHL Games

Group By Association 4 Unreported Game(s)
Group Date Date Time Visitor Home Venue
PW Oct 17
Oct 17 7:30 PM Nickel City Jr. Sons PeeWee AA Sudbury Wolves PeeWee AA Carmichael
PW Oct 17
Oct 17 7:00 PM Elliot Lake Wildcats Copper Cliff Redmen PW A McClelland
ATO Oct 17
Oct 17 6:45 PM Sudbury Lady Wolves AA Sudbury Wolves Min AA Countryside (2)
ATO Oct 17
Oct 17 5:30 PM Nickel City Jr. Sons Min AA Copper Cliff Redmen Min AA McClelland
The unreported games list on this page will show all games which have gone more than 12 hours without a score reported.
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